Manufacturing Competency

Manufacturing of pharmaceutical supplements for worldwide distributors is a very responsible task, which requires excellent personal qualities and a flexible managing process. Each of our employees and experts is devoted to contribute with their personal skills and knowledge so Zano Pharma can become one of the prosperous pharmaceutical companies.

We feel very proud for being able to offer high quality products, which can improve the quality of life of thousands of people across the world. At this point, we are selling our products mainly in Europe, having created a strong distribution network.

Our manufacturing facilities are developed to offer excellent pharmaceutical products, which contain every necessary certificate so they are suitable for selling worldwide. Our qualified experts have years and years of experience and work really hard to create safe and efficient products, which can meet the World Health Organization requirements for quality. Our incredibly high standards allow us to offer excellent products at affordable prices.

Our company is engaging in the development, production and marketing of the following product forms:
- Tablets
Our facilities are equipped with the newest machines for the production and filling of capsules and tablets.
- Jellies
Jellies are one of our best-selling products. Thanks to their synergic formulas and comfortable designs, they are a great solution for situations which require a fast action.
- Sterile Products
We work under pristine conditions, so our products are free of any unwanted substances or chemicals. 100% pure and efficient formulas!