Quality and Compliance

Zano Pharma – a manufacturer of high-quality dietary supplements and pharmaceutical drugs

The process of manufacturing and distributing pharmaceutical products requires incredibly high knowledge of how the industry works and what are the clients’ demands.

Creating a safe and effective formula is a responsible objective – we have carefully researched each and every ingredient which takes part in the manufacturing process. As a producer, Zano Pharma is devoted to maintaining incredibly high standards. The technologies used in our pharmaceutical facilities and our great level of expertise are the main factors for our worldwide success. That’s how perfection is achieved – by hard work and full devotion to the manufacturing process and environment.

Zano Pharma is proud to offer one of the most effective and safe products for erectile dysfunction and sexual health. Series of clinical studies have proven the incredible and undeniable qualities of our pharmaceutical products for male potency. Zano Pharma owns certificates from various regulatory agencies, including the World Health Organization. Our management system has been very carefully developed to optimize the manufacturing process and to maintain excellent relations with our international suppliers.

Among our other international certificates, Zano Pharma is the proud holder of ISO 9001: 2000 certification for outstanding quality of manufacturing in the field of pharmaceutical products for sexual health. We are an accredited company in Asia, Europe and North America with thousands of distributors in Europe.

Zano Pharma is a symbol of pristine quality and success.